Go Media is a well known design studio with a lot of passion for what they do. This passion definitely comes through in their Arsenal, which is a collection of high quality, hand crafted design elements that they’ve made available through an online store. They’ve partnered with us to give our premium members some of their best design elements. In this premium post, you will be able to download 2 of their awesome vector packs. That’s a $20 value!


Ornate Patterns

Ornate Patterns is really a double dose of the most hyper-detailed original ornate vector flourishes available. You get 13 ornate flourishes AND 13 seamless vector patterns to go along. That’s 26 ornate flourishes with hard-to-find attention to detail. Here are some samples:



Decorative Elements

Decorative Elements is a combination pack of various ornaments, foliage, crests, and starburst type things. There are 20 vectors in all. Here are some samples:


The level of detail on these are incredible. I know you won’t have trouble putting them to good use. Enjoy!

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